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do you do free dental work ??
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Hello I am writing to you out of desperation.My mother is in need of dental help.She is disabled
and is needing assistance paying for a procedure.She has a bad infection in her jaw and needs all her teeth removed and part of her bone removed. She has health problems and cannot get treatment until her teeth are fixed because her teeth are causing this infection and with the infection she cannot have treatment.She has cataracts
and ulcerative colitus. She was told she has about 2 months till her cataracts become so bad that she will probably go blind.She can't recieve medication for her colitus till this infection is cleared up.Her colitus disease is life threatening if she gets a bad flare up, she could die. She suffers with her teeth on a daily basis and her face is always swelling .The pain wakes her up at night and there is some meds she cannot take because of her colitus.I have tried the credit care so has she and we have both been denied and no one will do a payment plans. I am desperate and will try anything . If you know of anything please let me know . Greatly apppreciated.

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How do I find the site for the dental information. How much do you charge? I am a single mom on ssi with lupus, so my resources are very limited, but will pay if I can afford it. Thank :)
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hi im 48 and my teeth have been bad for a long just broke a little while ago. i know i must be getting poison in my system from my teeth..i have no work no type insurance i dont know what to do.any help would be very much appreciated thank you.from louisville ky
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Bonito   in reply to getfreedental
Thank you so much for your information. I try many places they dont do implantation. Do you know any clinic for low price?????
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getfreedental   in reply to tybalt972
Hello. I have maintained a list of clinics that offer both dental and medical services over the US. There are over 2k clinics in the US and the list continues to grow which is good. Depending on your location, you may need to drive to a nearby larger city. Take care and God Bless!
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how do I get free dental?
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honest guy
HEY THANKS for replying to me. I have been fighting met life since around 1992 or 93, and as far as the va is concerned ,i honestly think in my heart ,they pick and choose who they help based on their personal feelings about a person ,when they should base their decisions on truth and try to understand the frustrations a person or family goes through. Just think i laid in a hospital bed for months worked 25 years when i could get up lost my work due only to wounds from vietnam all documented by Ge soc sec and Va doctors, but no help maybe a couple bucks here or there, lost everything ,and after all that at one point the regional office said to me Gee we can't find your records. Im so sorry for going on and on ,and then met life says oh by the way you have been getting soc sec for two years now you owe us 38,000 dollars back we over paid you ,and most of the days i didnt even have 38 dollars . Hey sorry for rambleing on and thanks again for listening .warning to all never trust met life not for any reason trust me im telling all of you the truth. if i had enough money to take them to court i would win this hands down. have a great day. lol i wont bother you guys anymore with my troubles. Frank . God Bless.
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hi! my upper grill is in need of desperate help. I can't live this way anymore. i need a bridge implants or whatever but i can't afford all at one time. there is insurance but i still have no money for full payment i can afford 50 a month but that's all for i will have to pay insurance for atleast a year ,help ! a bridge and caps would be nice I'm a little weary about false teethI would like to strengthen whats left. icould get some cash between 300-600 but thats all. how do i get a grant. if someone could get me free work i woild pay them
Hey my nanes brittany abi was wondeding what u think i should do about getting free dental care. I have a wisdom toothe that is killing me . I get so fed up with tge pain and discomfort that sonetimes give up on eating. My tooth just makes me want to sit at home and do nothing.
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i need to find help to get dentures.. my income is only 700.00 a mo. problem is i can only make payments maybe 90.00 a mo. im trying to find a grant where they help me for free or find dentures less than 800.00 total.. its hard to find when your limited money please help!!! ALSO I DO GET MEDICARE AND MEDICAID. BUT THEY DONT HELP WITH DENTURES. MY TEETH ARE ALL LOOSE AND NEED PULLED BUT AFRAID TO PULL THEM CAUSE I HAVE NO MONEY TO GET DENTURES.. I LIVE IN THE DENVER AREA. ANY INFO WOULD BE HELPFUL... GOD BLESS. SMILE :)
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Please guide me ...I had a super bad experience with a dentist about 10years ago ...I had perfect teeth most of my life until this dentist ..he damaged a tooth and then it spread to 6others which are now breaking off ......i lost employment and have zero cash on hand not to mention i have no lost dental insurance..I dont wish to walk around with no teeth and feel worse about myself then i do right now . I even have a back one that bleeds at night and another that is jagged and hurts my tongue...I know that god can grow new teeth and fill them and replace . I have read many accounts...Why do some get this miracle and people such as myself struggle to even get help
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i had a bad experience with a dentist about 10 years ago which left my perfect teeth damaged.I have lost 6 teeth due to breakage and am now scared to death of any dentist . I have one that bleeds and one that is jagged and hurts my tongue ..I dont want to walk around toothless but have no insurance and just lost employment so i have zero cash ..i have been so depressed i want to just die ....i know god can grow new teeth ,fill them with gold,silver and porcelien ..i dont understand why some get it and others go through like i am .please help me ...
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n need now
im very much in need of dental work, my teeth are rotten due to drug use. i have been clean now for 2yrs 4mths but i still appear that i use because of my teeth i have so much pain from them that all i want is for them to be gone and replaced with dentures i will go wherever i have to,because the way i look now effects my ability to aquire work because who want someone working in there home that appears to be on drugs. i have custody antake care of my two daughters 17 and 14 money is very tite i recieve no child support nor financial aid, im just asking for help so that my appearence with change an i wont be looked or judged like im still a dopehead, this i can work in homes an smile, and mostly not have my babies embarresed by my teeth or lack there of
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 in response to wanttosmileLAW...   Hello. As if being a single mother is not tough enough:). I knew Medicaid would provide extractions, but I also thought they would provide one set of dentures? Nonetheless, the best bet is to shop around for dentures. Check nearby clinics and dental schools. In addition, consider working a deal with any nearby dentist in exchange for office cleanings, etc. Take care and God Bless!
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Hi..I am a single mother of boys, I am a victim of inadequate dental insurance as a youth and am having to pay for it now at only 36. I have been on Medicaid since my early 20's and the only service they provided were extractions, so when I had issues with a rotten tooth and could no longer deal with the pain, the only option given where to pull them out. Well needless to say, since I could not afford preventative dental care like cleanings, fillings, filling repair..etc, I have ended up with only five front teeth at the top and three of those are rotting out. This has really compromised my self-confidence and not to mention it hard to get a job with this condition, especially when it's the first thing potential employers look at, during your first meet, or interview. Any information of what I can do or where I can look would greatly be appreciated.
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 in response to JayR...   Hello ... do you know how much work is needed? If not, try to get a free exam. This will help to better understand everything that is needed. God Bless!
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 in response to getfreedental...   Thanks for your concern.
Right now I'm desperate need of dental work and would love to have some dental implants but do not have the funds nor insurance to do so.
I would be humbly grateful if you could in anyway assist in the way and means of helping to make this delightful reality for me. "I really miss public speaking and have been robed of romance.
Thanks and God Bless,
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hi evening everyone and a happy new year.. my name is toch neak and im from brooklyn new york.. the new year has arrive and im still in need.. thats ok if i can have oat meal on the table for my family thats all i ask.. i want to ask each and everyone from the lindess of yur heart if u can help me and my father is sick..and my mother is struggle from diabetes..they both in bad heath//
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You know I see all this writting about see a dentist, and they should be able to do this and that, the dentist are just as bad as anyone else. No one wants to see, hear or bother with you if you don't have money. All these doctors, DENTISTS, lawyers, etc, have one goal, to make their expensive car payment and keep America snaggle tooth and hurting. It's a shame, Oh there's free money, but first jump through this hoop and 50 others..GET REAL AMERICA, IT'S A CROCK OF BULL....
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